One Woman


In honour of Mothers and Women everywhere I am sharing this video I recently discovered that was put out by the UN on international women’s day. Some days I am overwhelmed by the responsibility I feel towards the health and safety of humanity. And some days I am overwhelmed by the responsibility of ensuring my own family is safe and healthy…let alone worrying about wether or not they will like what I make for dinner!

Women truly are the mothers of the earth and this song, and some creative brain mapping, helped me realize that our responsibility is shared and all we need to do is remain connected and trust that our united strength can drive positive change in the world. Enjoy! One Woman


30-Day Love Affair


NaPoWriMo – Day 30!!  With 15 minutes left in April, I almost didn’t finish…almost!  Here’s a tribute to those I have had a 30-day poetry love affair with – thank you for bearing your souls, your skeletons, and your silliness!  Excuse the creative license on some of the blog titles!

How Serendipitous it was to stumble between
NaPoWriMo 2014

Among the minds of Coordinated Mayhems
Designed to Colour My Palate with diverse poems

iNcessantly Inspired by these
 Anonymous Wordsmiths, Fun with my
 Poet Boi
 Otrazhenie, a mystery
 Wayward Warriors, filling each day with
 Impulsive Devotee on the same frequency
 Muses gone Missing, makes a rough ride for
pOetry on a Roll…er coaster

Faith rekindled by Zaphnathpaaneah
Validation by wise Valeriu

An empty hole in my inbox tomorrow
Daily comfort replaced by sorrow

A 30-day love affair with Hosking’s and Schell
Challenge of prose, bidding farewell


The Fray


A lasso to catch what you seek
A noose around your neck
A mountainside life line
a boundary

The fibre of your being
Holds strong under duress
When anchored at both ends
Flows freely when at ease

Sometimes short and straight
Often long and tangled
Entwined around our hearts
Woven through our minds

When your rope is holding firm
That’s when it appears
Not just one, but several intertwined
The many voices within

Voices from the past
Promises that lie ahead
A yin and yang
Of perception and truth

To cut and melt the fray is denial
Of our truest diversity

To allow the unravel

Caution to the wind

A knot through and through

Above the wild release

Allows the reminder

But preserves the faith





It’s Poetry Time!


NaPoWriMo Day 28….28….28 – Light at the end of the tunnel…you should know that I am terrible at finishing, anything…seriously.  I like to start shit, not so great at the follow through –  The blog is Inspyromania, not ‘The Closer’ – I can do 3 more days, right?

Aack Spaack
It’s poetry time
Frick Frack
Does it have to rhyme?
Be sublime
Fall in time
Doesn’t have to
Yet it does
Best little poem
There ever was

30 seconds flat ☺
How’s that?

A Million White Doves


This poem did not end where it started or where I thought it was going to go – it sort of just happened 🙂  I’m either learning to trust my instincts, or just really really tired…

Like a balloon
Expanding with air
Or a river
Swelling its shore

About to burst
An imminent spill
I feel the choke
An involuntary chill

Unable to breathe
Fearing the rush
Swarm of emotion
Ready to crush

Holding it in
Can do no good
What isn’t expressed
Surley misunderstood

I open my mouth
No longer contained
A million white doves
Pour forth and take aim

If words cannot reach
The ends of this Earth
Maybe these birds
Can circle its girth

This vision of Hope
A sight to behold
Peace is a choice
Yours to control

Do not give this
Power away
Peace is yours
Choose it today



Shared Destiny


I wish I had a silver pen/keyboard (akin to a silver tongue), where words flowed freely and fabulously.  Blending together like milk and honey, producing unparalleled vivid imagery, and evoking emotions that scream to be released.  I admit, I struggled with today’s poem, and in an attempt to create some semblance of flow, I have lost some original intent. I accept this journey and stretch myself to create harmony between my thoughts and my words, and know this will only come with commitment.  I have been completely inspired by the poetry that has been submitted through NaPoWriMo, and I would be curious to hear from other writers about their process, their search for the right words, the sweet cadence, their holy grail of perfect prose.

We all have the same destination
Regardless of your beliefs
When you finally find yourself
Your destiny will be complete

Time wasted in close examination
Find your True Self or suffer the wrath
Time wasted in locked hesitation
Determining the Right Path

The path that leads…Where?
To the same…Destination?
This time can never be reclaimed
Lost in recantation

The path you are on Today
Is the right one
The self you are Today
Is your true self

This journey
Uniquely created for you
Requires only
One foot in front of the other

Do not stop to find yourself
You are not lost

I see you for who you are,
Today, and every day
And I will see you in our
Shared destiny



I first learned of using dance as an expression of freedom, of taking up the space that belongs to you, and standing up for yourself, from the V-Day initiative One Billion Rising .

Although I am no ballerina, dance and movement have always held a special place in my life. I forgot about it for several years, as day to day life becomes all consuming, and deeming my dance days to be over as with my childhood…But I have rediscovered dance under the clever guise of exercise, in a class called Zumba! I was horribly embarrassed in the beginning (Almost everyone I know starts learning from the back of the class…after having 3 babies and feeling about as sexy as wet tea bag, I was in the supply closet at the back of that class!), but I was encouraged by the music and the energy of a class as diverse in size and age as you could get!

I was hooked and now teach a class of my own. I let her rip every class, taking up all the space available to me and hopefully encouraging others to do the same! So, it is always a pleasant surprise to realize that you can also use any passion to do good in the world! Thank you V-Day!

Like a spring flower emerging from the Earth
Determinedly reaching skyward
Each petal bursting forth to announce its birth
In full bloom, welcoming the sun

This is the right of all living creatures
From pinky to pinky to pinky to pinky
And every fibre of god given girth
To stretch, to sway, to leap, and to dance

Inhale until your lungs are so full of life
That your arms are compelled to expand
To reach out around the giant sphere
That is your space

Take your space
Take your freedom
Take your time
Take a stand…Expand