Monthly Archives: December 2011

Sparks of Inspiration to Light your Inner FIRE!


It’s amazing to me how hard it is to put my thoughts in writing.  To put ideas, concepts, and questions in some sort of linear fashion so that other people might grasp an iota of understanding of the chaos inside my brain.

It’s 1am and I created this Inspyromaniac blog earlier this evening with the intention of letting it mull in my brain for a few days before posting anything….bad idea!  A better word than mull, would be FESTER…I can’t turn my brain off!  Just knowing that I have created an opportunity to share ideas with the world at large, has my synapsis working overtime.  So many topics…and all the time in the world…except when I am supposed to be sleeping.

So my goal tonight is to share a few topics that I hope will inspire you to visit in the coming months and to ask some questions of you…whoever you may be!

Hot Topics in my Brain:

Does everyone need to be happy to be happy?

How I can help my children stay imaginative, loving, playful, and full of WONDER!

I wonder if the colour blue looks the same or even similar to everyone, a discussion on perception and truth!

I wonder how the Universe knows when you put your intentions out there…a story about a mouse!

Do you keep the magic of Christmas alive in your house? Do you believe in Santa Claus?  Or are you a ruthless truth teller?

Catalysts and Inspiration

Most of all I want to know if you can create the spark that lights a fire within someone else to make deep personal change…if catalysts for change and inspiration can be created or if they need to be naturally occurring.   My life changing moment involved a perfect storm of parental conflict, resulting in misplaced anger towards my family, and a timely speech by a powerfully inspirational and positive woman! Can you create that for someone?

Here’s what I need from you:

Do you have fire in your belly? A passion that drives you?

If you have a fire…what do you feed it to keep it burning?

Was it always there and carefully nurtured by your family and friends?

Or did it come on suddenly?  What did that look like? How did it feel?  Was it like waking after a long winter’s nap, or was it like taking a hard right to the chin?

Can you recall one or more catalysts that inspired significant changes in your life?  Were they inspiring catalysts, or one that shake  you to the core and question your very existence?