Monthly Archives: July 2013

Beyond Reach


Beyond Reach

There, on the horizon

I can see understanding

There, just beyond my reach

I can feel it…peace


But in between Here and There

Lives life, love, and laundry

In between Here and There

Lives fear, doubt, and history


They may always exist

Those barriers, those daily chores

Deep in your soul, or in the sink

Leaving you wanting more


There must be a way

To penetrate

Circumvent, or soar above

The get from Here to There



Wonder Glasses


Wonder Glasses

My heart is pounding with possibility
A clearer vision lies before me
I see myself like never before
Open to Wonder
Listening Closer
Redefining my purpose

These new glasses are free of judgement
But full of life
Not burdened by frowns
Or harsh words
Or doubt.

They lift me up and help me to see
The beauty of a friendship
The pure joy in a child’s curiosity
The love of a partner who has been there
The whole time

With them on I can be
A soft place to land
Open Arms
Playful and Engaging
A beacon of trust and loving encouragement

…Now, I just have to remember to put them on!

Written during a course on public speaking, that was more about speaking my truth than speaking in front of anyone…Thanks Stand & Deliver!

A Mother’s Meditations


‘I am relaxed and calm’
But we have to leave in 5 minutes
And you haven’t brushed your teeth
Or found your library books

‘I am your strength and support’
So please excuse me while I
Blame you for not being dressed properly
Since I forgot your field trip was today

‘I am always hear to listen’
Except when I have to make laundry
Fold dinner, check my email
And rush you into bed so I can relax

‘Look to me for life lessons and guidance’ and…
Watch me melt as I realize that it’s you
Who is guiding me, and teaching me how
To be relaxed, calm, strong, and supportive