30-Day Love Affair


NaPoWriMo – Day 30!!  With 15 minutes left in April, I almost didn’t finish…almost!  Here’s a tribute to those I have had a 30-day poetry love affair with – thank you for bearing your souls, your skeletons, and your silliness!  Excuse the creative license on some of the blog titles!

How Serendipitous it was to stumble between
NaPoWriMo 2014

Among the minds of Coordinated Mayhems
Designed to Colour My Palate with diverse poems

iNcessantly Inspired by these
 Anonymous Wordsmiths, Fun with my
 Poet Boi
 Otrazhenie, a mystery
 Wayward Warriors, filling each day with
 Impulsive Devotee on the same frequency
 Muses gone Missing, makes a rough ride for
pOetry on a Roll…er coaster

Faith rekindled by Zaphnathpaaneah
Validation by wise Valeriu

An empty hole in my inbox tomorrow
Daily comfort replaced by sorrow

A 30-day love affair with Hosking’s and Schell
Challenge of prose, bidding farewell



What lights your fire?

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