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The Fray


A lasso to catch what you seek
A noose around your neck
A mountainside life line
a boundary

The fibre of your being
Holds strong under duress
When anchored at both ends
Flows freely when at ease

Sometimes short and straight
Often long and tangled
Entwined around our hearts
Woven through our minds

When your rope is holding firm
That’s when it appears
Not just one, but several intertwined
The many voices within

Voices from the past
Promises that lie ahead
A yin and yang
Of perception and truth

To cut and melt the fray is denial
Of our truest diversity

To allow the unravel

Caution to the wind

A knot through and through

Above the wild release

Allows the reminder

But preserves the faith








I first learned of using dance as an expression of freedom, of taking up the space that belongs to you, and standing up for yourself, from the V-Day initiative One Billion Rising .

Although I am no ballerina, dance and movement have always held a special place in my life. I forgot about it for several years, as day to day life becomes all consuming, and deeming my dance days to be over as with my childhood…But I have rediscovered dance under the clever guise of exercise, in a class called Zumba! I was horribly embarrassed in the beginning (Almost everyone I know starts learning from the back of the class…after having 3 babies and feeling about as sexy as wet tea bag, I was in the supply closet at the back of that class!), but I was encouraged by the music and the energy of a class as diverse in size and age as you could get!

I was hooked and now teach a class of my own. I let her rip every class, taking up all the space available to me and hopefully encouraging others to do the same! So, it is always a pleasant surprise to realize that you can also use any passion to do good in the world! Thank you V-Day!

Like a spring flower emerging from the Earth
Determinedly reaching skyward
Each petal bursting forth to announce its birth
In full bloom, welcoming the sun

This is the right of all living creatures
From pinky to pinky to pinky to pinky
And every fibre of god given girth
To stretch, to sway, to leap, and to dance

Inhale until your lungs are so full of life
That your arms are compelled to expand
To reach out around the giant sphere
That is your space

Take your space
Take your freedom
Take your time
Take a stand…Expand

Remembering When


When does complacency replace compassion?
When does acceptance of, replace intolerance for, injustice?
When do cries of pain, hunger, and sadness become white noise?

After having forgotten for a time
The memory seeped, ever so slowly, back into my heart
Until I could recall the feeling like it was yesterday

My eyes wide open, yet not wanting to see
Not understanding what was happening to me
What was happening to those children on TV

‘It’s just life, nothing we can do’ I’m told
NO! That can’t be right, as my resolve took hold

This is not fair
I know I can help
But how?
I am only five years old

We are born with compassion, a deep desire
To help those in need
A basic understanding of right and wrong
Of fairness for all…

When did I stop believing that I could help?
And start to believe that
‘It’s just life…nothing we can do’?


She is Me


Open up
I command you
For once

You are surrounded
Yet blind
To the outpouring

You make room
For everything
And everyone else
But not for her

To give and forgive…
Easy, on a one way street
Choosing one direction

To receive…
Like a deer in headlights
Or watching a tsunami
From the pier

If I wait for it
Will it tear through me
Leaving only an empty
carcass behind

If I break away
A narrow escape
I will never know if this time
It was meant for me to receive

The light of love
A wave of passion
Filling me up
Replenishing my soul

We are all one
Give yes, but remember to
For you are empty

And she is me

A World out my Window


NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Writing Promt “Take a good look outside your window today”

Winter lawn, withering, starving
Finally feeling life trickle through it’s roots
Trampled by joy, welcoming the sun
At last…

A shifty playground put to the test
As nine, seven, and four, attack and attest
‘This is the best day ever’
Squeals with delight

Stunned rose stumps pushing through
Which ones will make it?
Pruning and tending and hopes
For the best

More lifeless branches lie in wait
Holding the promise
Of colour and sweet scent
And summer soon…

Hoop assembly hell
Rusty screws that don’t fit right
Metal bars that don’t match up
And no sand to support the base

A father’s quest to appease the pleads
And please those big brown eyes
Patiently, impatiently waiting
Clutching a newfound basketball

Time enough for a quick soccer game
Carefully placed cones, kicks and giggles
Before leaving….again
After arriving just then…


Freedom to Choose


Why do they call it freedom?
This freedom to choose
Some days it seems easier
To follow than to lead

When opportunity knocks?
Easy…open the door
When god closes that door?
Go through the open window

These acts take courage
Create purpose
Enable gratitude
Set you free?

What if there were
No doors? or windows?
Just space and time
And me…just me

The world is my oyster
my stage
my pallet with which to paint
My life

What then….
is holding me back?
Shackled to nothing?
A thought, an intruder

A new kind of courage needed
The will to silence the doubt
To question beliefs
To listen to the truest voice

Finally manifested that time and space
To create a life I chose
To be the change I wish to see
To be free

At the Waterfall


In a little canoe
With a single paddle
I feel
my destination is near

The mist from the air
Tingles in my nose
My cheeks damp
From the closeness I feel

The deafening thunder in my ears
Travels to my core, until
I can no longer tell
If it’s rushing water or blood in my veins

It’s magnificence overwhelms
The speed, the power, the rush
I am speechless
Though I have much to say

I watch closely as nature
Disappears from sight
I shed my vessel
Moving forward on my own

Careful not to move too quickly
For fear that I might slip
I choose my path carefully
Navigating to the crest

Holding my breath for a moment
I take in the awesomeness
As I contemplate
My next move

My lungs suddenly fill with air
As I muster the courage
Take one giant step
Spread my wings, and soar