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A Million White Doves


This poem did not end where it started or where I thought it was going to go – it sort of just happened 🙂  I’m either learning to trust my instincts, or just really really tired…

Like a balloon
Expanding with air
Or a river
Swelling its shore

About to burst
An imminent spill
I feel the choke
An involuntary chill

Unable to breathe
Fearing the rush
Swarm of emotion
Ready to crush

Holding it in
Can do no good
What isn’t expressed
Surley misunderstood

I open my mouth
No longer contained
A million white doves
Pour forth and take aim

If words cannot reach
The ends of this Earth
Maybe these birds
Can circle its girth

This vision of Hope
A sight to behold
Peace is a choice
Yours to control

Do not give this
Power away
Peace is yours
Choose it today




She is Me


Open up
I command you
For once

You are surrounded
Yet blind
To the outpouring

You make room
For everything
And everyone else
But not for her

To give and forgive…
Easy, on a one way street
Choosing one direction

To receive…
Like a deer in headlights
Or watching a tsunami
From the pier

If I wait for it
Will it tear through me
Leaving only an empty
carcass behind

If I break away
A narrow escape
I will never know if this time
It was meant for me to receive

The light of love
A wave of passion
Filling me up
Replenishing my soul

We are all one
Give yes, but remember to
For you are empty

And she is me

A World out my Window


NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Writing Promt “Take a good look outside your window today”

Winter lawn, withering, starving
Finally feeling life trickle through it’s roots
Trampled by joy, welcoming the sun
At last…

A shifty playground put to the test
As nine, seven, and four, attack and attest
‘This is the best day ever’
Squeals with delight

Stunned rose stumps pushing through
Which ones will make it?
Pruning and tending and hopes
For the best

More lifeless branches lie in wait
Holding the promise
Of colour and sweet scent
And summer soon…

Hoop assembly hell
Rusty screws that don’t fit right
Metal bars that don’t match up
And no sand to support the base

A father’s quest to appease the pleads
And please those big brown eyes
Patiently, impatiently waiting
Clutching a newfound basketball

Time enough for a quick soccer game
Carefully placed cones, kicks and giggles
Before leaving….again
After arriving just then…


The Hourglass


Trapped inside
All seeing
All knowing
Unable to break

One path consumes time
Thoughts and feelings aswirl
Engulfs and Chokes
Down Down

Until she sets you
One truth challenged
Shatters the captor
Feel it and let it go

Time stands still
Thoughts and feelings awhirl
Visions and possibilities
Up Up Away