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Shared Destiny


I wish I had a silver pen/keyboard (akin to a silver tongue), where words flowed freely and fabulously.  Blending together like milk and honey, producing unparalleled vivid imagery, and evoking emotions that scream to be released.  I admit, I struggled with today’s poem, and in an attempt to create some semblance of flow, I have lost some original intent. I accept this journey and stretch myself to create harmony between my thoughts and my words, and know this will only come with commitment.  I have been completely inspired by the poetry that has been submitted through NaPoWriMo, and I would be curious to hear from other writers about their process, their search for the right words, the sweet cadence, their holy grail of perfect prose.

We all have the same destination
Regardless of your beliefs
When you finally find yourself
Your destiny will be complete

Time wasted in close examination
Find your True Self or suffer the wrath
Time wasted in locked hesitation
Determining the Right Path

The path that leads…Where?
To the same…Destination?
This time can never be reclaimed
Lost in recantation

The path you are on Today
Is the right one
The self you are Today
Is your true self

This journey
Uniquely created for you
Requires only
One foot in front of the other

Do not stop to find yourself
You are not lost

I see you for who you are,
Today, and every day
And I will see you in our
Shared destiny


There is Now Here


I imagine that for many, poetry, or any creative expression, is a journey.

Poetry moves through me. It’s not always pretty, and almost never rhymes. I’m pretty sure some of it isn’t poetic in the least, but there it is. Sometimes recounting precious memories, sometimes taking me to unexpectedly beautiful places, and sometimes…oftentimes…down that road that questions humanity, where, more often than I like to admit, I turn it off, take the other fork, or make a U-ie…not there, not today, I don’t have the time or the strength to go there today.

When I fell off the NaPoWriMo wagon last week, I was there…I tried to circumvent it by trying a prompt or two (let’s stay between the lines shall we?). I thoroughly enjoy reading how other poets pull it off, but I just wasn’t enjoying the process… probably because, I was there, in that place…with 21, self-challenged, NaPoWriMo days ahead of me and no way around it.  I quit…and yet I remain…here.

So there is now here.
The time is right.
I feel strong.
I am ready for this journey.
Hang on tight…