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A Million White Doves


This poem did not end where it started or where I thought it was going to go – it sort of just happened 🙂  I’m either learning to trust my instincts, or just really really tired…

Like a balloon
Expanding with air
Or a river
Swelling its shore

About to burst
An imminent spill
I feel the choke
An involuntary chill

Unable to breathe
Fearing the rush
Swarm of emotion
Ready to crush

Holding it in
Can do no good
What isn’t expressed
Surley misunderstood

I open my mouth
No longer contained
A million white doves
Pour forth and take aim

If words cannot reach
The ends of this Earth
Maybe these birds
Can circle its girth

This vision of Hope
A sight to behold
Peace is a choice
Yours to control

Do not give this
Power away
Peace is yours
Choose it today