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The Fray


A lasso to catch what you seek
A noose around your neck
A mountainside life line
a boundary

The fibre of your being
Holds strong under duress
When anchored at both ends
Flows freely when at ease

Sometimes short and straight
Often long and tangled
Entwined around our hearts
Woven through our minds

When your rope is holding firm
That’s when it appears
Not just one, but several intertwined
The many voices within

Voices from the past
Promises that lie ahead
A yin and yang
Of perception and truth

To cut and melt the fray is denial
Of our truest diversity

To allow the unravel

Caution to the wind

A knot through and through

Above the wild release

Allows the reminder

But preserves the faith






A Mother’s Meditations


‘I am relaxed and calm’
But we have to leave in 5 minutes
And you haven’t brushed your teeth
Or found your library books

‘I am your strength and support’
So please excuse me while I
Blame you for not being dressed properly
Since I forgot your field trip was today

‘I am always hear to listen’
Except when I have to make laundry
Fold dinner, check my email
And rush you into bed so I can relax

‘Look to me for life lessons and guidance’ and…
Watch me melt as I realize that it’s you
Who is guiding me, and teaching me how
To be relaxed, calm, strong, and supportive