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I first learned of using dance as an expression of freedom, of taking up the space that belongs to you, and standing up for yourself, from the V-Day initiative One Billion Rising .

Although I am no ballerina, dance and movement have always held a special place in my life. I forgot about it for several years, as day to day life becomes all consuming, and deeming my dance days to be over as with my childhood…But I have rediscovered dance under the clever guise of exercise, in a class called Zumba! I was horribly embarrassed in the beginning (Almost everyone I know starts learning from the back of the class…after having 3 babies and feeling about as sexy as wet tea bag, I was in the supply closet at the back of that class!), but I was encouraged by the music and the energy of a class as diverse in size and age as you could get!

I was hooked and now teach a class of my own. I let her rip every class, taking up all the space available to me and hopefully encouraging others to do the same! So, it is always a pleasant surprise to realize that you can also use any passion to do good in the world! Thank you V-Day!

Like a spring flower emerging from the Earth
Determinedly reaching skyward
Each petal bursting forth to announce its birth
In full bloom, welcoming the sun

This is the right of all living creatures
From pinky to pinky to pinky to pinky
And every fibre of god given girth
To stretch, to sway, to leap, and to dance

Inhale until your lungs are so full of life
That your arms are compelled to expand
To reach out around the giant sphere
That is your space

Take your space
Take your freedom
Take your time
Take a stand…Expand